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About MyAcademicConnectionsLab

Academic Connections is a four-level, comprehensive, academic-skills development course that not only helps students develop all four language skills – reading, listening, writing, and speaking – it also teaches them how to integrate these skills in real-world academic contexts.

MyAcademicConnectionsLab stresses individualized instruction and practice, diagnostic feedback, and regular assessment to provide evidence of student learning and progress.


  • Original activities for each section of the student book units build academic skills and vocabulary.
  • Comprehensive Assessment, developed by ETS® and including regular formative and summative assessments, allows students and teachers to track student success.
  • Focused test preparation helps students prepare for standardized tests of academic English.
  • Individualized instruction, instant feedback, and personalized study plans help students improve results.
  • Comprehensive learning management system supports teachers who are new to online learning and provides experienced instructors with powerful tools to customize their experience.


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